Kyoto, Japan Workshops

April 13th -  April 18th 2023 (Fully Booked)

March 29th- April 3rd 2023  (Fully Booked)

5 full days of intense street photography through the lively neighborhoods, temples, and historic sights of Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka during 馃尭 cherry blossom season 馃尭

 April 13th -  April 18th 2023 (Fully Booked) 路  Reserve A Spot Now! 

March 29th- April 3rd 2023  (Fully Booked) 路  Join Waiting List 

Workshop Overview

On the first day we will all meet for a group dinner to get to know each other and talk about general concepts of street & documentary photography.  This will be followed by 5 full days of shooting in and around Kyoto, Japan. This includes one full-day trip to the ancient capital of Nara, Japan as well as another full day trip to Osaka, Japan.  Our days will be a mix of shooting individually and in small groups of 2 or 3 while exploring temples, streets, famous neighborhoods of Kyoto, Nara  and Osaka. 

Japan can be an intimidating destination for first time visitors.  Having made over 20 trips to Japan myself, and living in Kyoto for a couple of years, as well as speaking Japanese, I am able to bridge that gap for you and make this an enjoyable once-in-a-lifetime experience with my insider knowledge of the customs, culture, language as well as insider knowledge of the best areas to photograph in.

Sample Day:

- meet after breakfast
- photograph in and around a specific area in groups of 2 or 3 or have an instructional session on various street photography topics decided on by the group followed by shooting
- meet for lunch or have lunch individually
- photograph in and around another area in different groups than the morning session
- meet for dinner or have dinner individually
- nightly edit & review session where I will work with each photographer individually to identify the strongest photographs of the day, suggest minor edits such as crops, tilt correction, etc., as well as identify areas to focus and improve on in the coming days.

Topics covered in daily reviews: Advanced and beginning layering technics, creative foreground and background framing, cropping, sequencing to create a compelling series, effective use of natural light, capturing compelling candid moments, etc.

Workshop Perks:
-Individual Portfolio Review
-Daily Photo Reviews
-Customized Lessons
-1 on 1 shooting time on the streets with Jonathan Jasberg
-Friendly non-competitive group environment where we all learn from each other


Digital Camera preferably with a wide angle lens 28mm, 35mm, etc. Zoom lenses are fine, but a single small lens is preferable. You should have enough batteries and memory cards to be able to produce and store 1,000 photographs. These will be full days of shooting with no time to recharge batteries. Please know your camera and how to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc. Unless you are using a Leica, I will most likely not know how to use your camera to help make adjustments.

Laptop with photo editing software (Lightroom preferred) and enough internal / external storage space to hold your photographs. Cropping and basic exposure adjustments are all that will be needed and we will mainly use this software to view and rate your photos.

Walking Shoes  Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka are all very walkable. Walking 10,000-20,000 steps each day during these workshops is very common, so please be prepared both physically and mentally, along with a good set of shoes.  


Workshop tuition is $950. Transportation, lodging, food, and any other costs are not included and are the responsibility of each participant.  We will generally eat together if we can, and split the bills for all food and transportation.  All workshop participants will receive $100 discount on any future workshops they attend with me.

Arrival and Lodging

Please arrive on or before the evening of March 29th.  I will already be in Kyoto waiting to welcome all participants.  I will provide a detailed guide for arriving in Japan, buying a sim card, and transportation options into Kyoto so that you will have a comfortable and smooth welcome into the city.  We will all stay in the same area of Kyoto, in nearby hotels, airbnbs, etc. so that we can spend as much time together as a group and get to know each other and learn from each other.  This area is also strategic in terms of where we will be shooting while there.


Life happens. If you need to cancel, you will receive your workshop fee back via paypal, minus any paypal fees.  If Jonathan Jasberg (the instructor) needs to cancel, you will be refunded your tuition of $950 and I am not responsible for any reimbursement of travel expenses or any other costs incurred by participants.  Travel insurance that covers cancellations, missed flights, etc., is recommended if you are not a seasoned traveler.


Is Japan expensive?  Now is one of the best times to travel to Japan due to the Japanese yen being at a 32 year historic low.  We will travel by city bus, and trains which are also not expensive and I can provide recommendations for budget options for lodging and food.

Can I shoot film?  Yes, you may shoot film and Kyoto has a very good lab to buy and process film. I also shoot a fair amount of film while in Kyoto. Please note, that due to the delay in processing film, your shots will not be reviewable on the same day. Thus, I would advise shooting a mix of film and digital if you wish to bring a film camera.

Can you help me improve xyz?   Prior to the start of the workshop, I ask all participants if there is anything specific they would like to focus on (e.g. layering, storytelling, use of light, overcoming shyness, etc.).   I make sure to work together with each photographer and focus on their individual goals while we are out in the field, as well as providing additional material during the workshop.

My style is very different than yours, can I still attend?  

Absolutely. Everyone should have their own style and not worry about conforming to other styles. My goal is to help you develop and refine your style to boost your photography to new levels. If you are interested in posed street portraits, still life street photography, or run and gun flash style of street shots, then that is what you should practice and I can assist. 

April 13th -  April 18th 2023 (Fully Booked) 路  Reserve A Spot Now! 

March 29th- April 3rd 2023  (Fully Booked) 路  Join Waiting List 


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