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Limited Edition Monograph

Cairo: A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic streets of Cairo through Jonathan Jasberg’s lens. CAIRO: A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect captures the essence of one of the most beautiful and fascinating city’s in the world, set against the backdrop of its rich and turbulent history. Follow Jasberg’s journey as he navigates the dense, winding streets of neighborhoods untouched by tourism, revealing a Cairo that challenges and transcends conventional beauty.

  • Limited Edition
  • Publisher by Eyeshot
  • Hardcover
  • 164 pages

    Sold Out

Jasberg is a unique photographer, a self-proclaimed ‘vagabond’ who has dedicated himself to traversing the globe, capturing everyday moments with a rare blend of skill, creativity, and a remarkable eye for composition.

- The Independent Photographer

 It can often be challenging to create a personal point of view at famous landmarks. This image feels authentic and tells a story.

Steve McCurry

Jasberg’s images perfectly embody the essence of this genre, encapsulating Henri Cartier Bresson’s theory of perception, “the decisive moment,” as he intricately yet spontenously frames everyday instances from across the globe. Equipped with an innate understanding of light and a discerning eye for color, his dynamic compositions, often layered, grow even more captivating the longer they are viewed.

The Independent Photographer


Since 2010 Jonathan has been living a nomadic lifestyle outside of his home country of the U.S.A.  He now travels internationally full-time working as an independent photographer, seeking out destinations that interest him from both a cultural and photographic perspective.  Jonathan has photographed in over 60 countries and 150+ cities, involved in both indipendant projects and on assignment.  He also teaches intensive photography workshops globally to students from around the world.

Jasberg's work has been published in leading print magazines including National Geographic Traveler, New York Magazine, LFI, GEO, and more, along with being exhibited world wide in both solo and group exhibitions.  He is the recipient of over 40 international photography awards, including: 

He has been a guest speaker for B&H PhotoLeica Store, and  Trieste Photo Days,  as well as an educator through his group and private bespoke street photography workshops.  In addition to exclusively shooting with Leica cameras, Jonathan is a member of the Xiaomi Global Creators Team, as an ambassador of their phones co-engineered with Leica.

A full list of awards, publications and exhibitions can be seen here.

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