vagabond photographer

B&H Photo Event Space

Jonathan Jasberg introduces the seven most common photographic elements he uses in his work to create complex images, beyond just standard layering. Jonathan discusses his mental workflow for envisioning and building a scene. 

Meet The Xiaomi Creators - Jonathan Jasberg

Xiaomi Creator Jonathan Jasberg is always on the move. As a nomadic street photographer, traveling light is essential for him.Catch up with Jonathan and follow him around in Japan, as he shows us how he documents unique culture with the Xiaomi 13 ultra while on the go..

Trieste Photo Days 2022

Jonathan presents his project 'Cairo: A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect' as a guest speaker at Trieste Photo Days in Trieste, Italy.

Leica Store x Street Photography Malaysia

A talk given at the Leica Store in Kuala Lumpur in collaboration with FJM Street Photography Malaysia.