Mexico : Oaxaca · San Martin Tilcajete

18th-23rd Feb (fully booked)

5 days of intense shooting in Oaxaca, the cultural and food capital of Mexico.   One full day will be spent shooting the Carnaval Ancestral celebration in a small village, as well as taking a few other half day trips to interesting villages outside of Oaxaca City. 

See behind the scenes and participant photos on the workshop recap page.

Japan : Kyoto · Osaka · Nara

1st workshop: March 29th- April 3rd (Fully Booked)

2nd workshop: April 13th -  April 18th 2023 (Fully Booked)

An intensive 5 day workshop based in Kyoto, the former capital of Japan.  Jonathan has made over 20 lengthy trips to Japan over the last 13 years and has lived in Kyoto off and on during that time.  He speaks Japanese, knows the city inside and out, and knows the best areas to get unique candid scenes that capture everyday life in this fascinating city.  The group will explore temples, shrines, geisha neighborhoods, red light districts, among many other places.  This workshop also includes a full day of shooting in Osaka, as well as a day of shooting in Nara. 

Fully Booked

Contact Jonathan for full details and to be placed on the priority list for when signups open.