vagabond photographer

Kyoto, Japan - April 2023

This was a highly customized and very intensive 5-day street photography workshop.  Each 12-14 hour day was filled with of 1-1 shooting, group discussions, personalized lessons, portfolio reviews and daily photo critique / review sessions. The group visited historic neighborhoods, temples, shrines and markets in Kyoto as well as Osaka, and Nara Japan.  Florian, Mehdi, and Vica produced an amazing variety of work over the week.   Scroll down to see a selection of photographs from each participant, along with behind the scenes photos of this fun group workshop.

Would you like to participate in this workshop next year in Kyoto?  Email to express interest and join the pre-registration email list.

Participant Photographs

Florian Renz


"I loved how well organized the workshop was. Your arrival guide included everything. Your workshop is really incredibly worthwhile. Thank you very much!" -Florian Renz

Mehdi Zouari


"Jonathan's workshop in the Kyoto area is exactly what any aspiring street photographer should be looking for to improve their skills.  Besides being an amazing street photographer and teacher, Jonathan is also fond of Japanese culture and customs which he likes to share. He speaks Japanese fluently which brought us closer in our interactions with locals anywhere we went and made our experience more authentic.

This workshop is an excellent learning and development opportunity at a great price value in a unique environment. I would definitely recommend it to others without any hesitation" - Mehdi Zouari

Vica Rosario Bogaerts


"Jonathan's teaching style was relaxed and approachable, which helped me feel more comfortable with the complexity of street photography and created an environment that allowed every participant to push their boundaries. Overall, the workshop was a highly enjoyable experience that gave me the opportunity to progress and gain a deeper appreciation for the art of street photography." - Vica Rosario Bogaerts

Behind The Scenes

Photos of Florian, Mehdi, Vica and Jonathan out shooting and enjoying Japan. The size of this workshop is kept smaller than other workshops due to how crowded Kyoto is during this time of year as well as how small restaurants are.   Each day is full of 1-1 time with Jonathan, both discussing and practicing photography from morning until night.  Because of the limited size and high demand, it sold out right after being announced publicly.  If you are interested in coming to Kyoto for this workshop next time, please  Email to express interest and join the pre-registration email list.