vagabond photographer

Oaxaca, Mexico  Feb. 2023 

This workshop was five and a half intense days photographing the lively streets of Oaxaca, Mexico and several neighboring villages during the annual carnaval season and even included a wild night photographing Lucha Libre wrestling. Bill, Laurent, Nicole, Parvathi and Sandip worked tirelessly, photographing from morning til night capturing the beautiful unique and lively culture of Mexico through numerous compelling, quirky, complex, and colorful candid moments.  Scroll down to see a handful of photographs from each participant, along with links to more of their personal work, as well as behind the scenes photos of the fun had photographing in the beautiful city of Oaxaca, Mexico!

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Participant Photographs

Bill Schaefer


It was a fantastic workshop in such a comfortable setting. Jonathan worked with all the participants as a group and individually, providing inspiration, answering questions and making himself completely available over the course of the workshop. -Bill Schaefer

Laurent Catach


A workshop with Jonathan Jasberg is a great experience, as his teaching is always focused on improving your personal work, with precise analysis of the photos during the reviews as well as helping you in the field. - Laurent Catach

Nicole Horvath

Jonathan was very hands-on during the entire workshop! He pointed specific techniques out and explained why some things work and others don't. He was indefatigable!  - Nicole Horvath

Parvathi Kumar

"I had a good gut feeling, based on what I'd read about you and your work, and the B&H interview. My instincts were right! Glad I was able to contact you early and reserve a spot." -  Parvathi Kumar